Do you feel like you are carrying the ‘world on your shoulders’?

Are you taking care of all those ‘back office’ tasks and processes to keep your customers or clients happy, fulfill orders, get more customers or clients, do webinars, send out transcriptions, prepare marketing materials, answering the phone …. getting you down?

This is one of those problems that most of us don’t think about when we go into business for ourselves. Definitely not what most entrepreneurs dream of.

As a business owner, business professional, author or speaker, the options open to you today, are either to keep on doing it yourself, hire someone onto your team to take care of these issues, or hire a Virtual Assistant or Virtual Assistant service like Jaycies.

Why would you hire a VA or VA service instead of an employee?

You will save money:

  • When you outsource this work, you will only pay for the time on the task or project.
  • You do not pay for overtime.
  • You will not pay for breaks, sick time, vacation time or any other down time associated with hiring someone onto your company team.
  • Virtual assistants are independent contractors so there is no need for payroll taxes, vacation pay, sick days, worker’s compensation or employee benefits.
  • Virtual assistants are on an on-call basis. A virtual assistant’s “open” hours are more flexible than an 8-5 employee.
  • You will not need office space or equipment for the VA or VA service since they work out of their own office.
  • Virtual assistants can handle the tasks that are normally hard to get to and/or take you away from the things you had rather concentrate on, such as lectures, workshops, consultations, and writing of articles and books.
  • Basically, virtual assistants concentrate on helping your life be as stress-free as possible!

What about a Virtual Assistant Service?

When working with a quality Virtual Assistant company who has a skilled and dedicated team of people who can work on your projects, manage and quality control the work product, and “deliver on time and on budget” you get the best of all worlds.

Jaycies Virtual Office Services –
Virtually Saving You Money While Providing The Best Quality Plus Guaranteed Satisfaction.

We are a virtual assistant company specializing in catering to the needs of business professionals like you. From transcription to database development, we can handle your projects quickly and professionally.

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